French Curiosity Club

Curiosity energizes the human spirit. The FCC lifts female spirits.

It’s after a 6 months internship in Chicago that former lawyer Margaux Hammer, created the French Curiosity Club. It  was imagined in Chicago and launched in 2015 in Paris. It’s now expanding to London, Lille (France), Mumbai and New York with over 20 meet-ups that have already taken place in Paris. 

The FCC’s idea is to boost the interaction between women. The FCC is a series of meet-ups happening each month to spotlight talented and ambitious women who inspire our audience in a relaxed, friendly and cosy atmosphere. Why 100% feminine ? Why not ? We wanted to create a unique dynamic. Good vibes guaranteed !

The FCC is about curiosity. Freeing it, enhancing it, celebrating it!

There are as many different stories as there are of professions and passions. The list of women we would like to invite is endless but we carefully choose our speakers to make our audience vibrate. The FCC will always surprise you!

Every two months, the FCC connects women and speakers with inspiring life-experiences, passions and careers. In Paris we’ve hosted speakers from different backgrounds such as, a basketball champion, a world renowned wedding dress designer, an elite French police force officer, a ballerina and a lot more. 



We are surrounded by smart women doing all kind of different jobs, or driven by great passions. We all have so much to learn from them. The French Curiosity Club was born to spotlight women who represent an infinite source of culture and inspiration.


The talk is followed by 90 minutes of networking for the audience to meet and share their projects and activities. The networking comes with food and drinks, often provided by local women-run businesses. Connecting all these women together is the best way to create new and ambitious projects !


The interaction is very dynamic. Our guest, the ‘’FCC speaker’’, has 30 minutes to share her knowledge and feedback about her experience and inspire the audience to fulfill their dreams and projects. The exercise is difficult but the speakers love to take up this challenge !


This meet-up is an opportunity for potential partnerships with brands created by incredible and talented women based in London to meet our kind audience and tell their story. Exposure and visibility are at stake! We are open to all kind of partnerships from clothes to cosmetics, jewels…

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Dedicated team of women all around the world


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